1. Bible-based worldview

As Christians, we have a greater purpose in education than simply gathering knowledge. The more we learn in every subject, the more we understand about God and His work. Our textbooks are written with the goal of training each learner to think about the world the way God does. The more children learn in every subject, the more they understand about our God and His work. The Christian worldview shines through every BJU Press textbook, enabling learners to see God’s hand in science, math, history, literature, fine arts, and language.

How We Do It
  • Emphasis on truth with God’s revelation as the standard
  • Biblical perspective on events, people, and literature
  • Special feature sections, such as “Math and Scripture”
  • Activities that correlate science and stewardship
  • Focus on the importance of language in communicating truth

2. Focus on critical thinking

Our textbooks challenge each learner to think about the topic he/she is studying, then interpret and apply what he/she has learned. We believe that learning is more than just memorizing facts, dates, and equations. Our textbooks are designed to fully equip students to excel in their lives and careers.

How We Do It
  • Clear explanation of concepts
  • Comprehension questions
  • Skill-building problems
  • Hands-on activities
  • Essay questions

3. Emphasis on love of learning

When a child enjoys learning, he/she retains information better and constantly seeks out new knowledge. Our textbooks make it easy for young people to love learning. Each subject covers more than just bare facts; it includes the extra details, special features, and real-life applications that make learning fun.

How We Do It
  • Clear explanation of topics
  • Questions that generate discussion and exploration
  • High-interest details about people, places, and events
  • Activities, demonstrations, and real-life examples to illustrate concepts
  • Career features that link to the subject
  • Colorful maps, charts, photos, and illustrations

4. Proven academic excellence

In an extensive blind test conducted in the United States, involving 245 Christian schools, 53,000 learners and 493 publishers, BJU Press users had higher over-all scores than any other Christian publisher. That means that not only is BJU Press a competitive choice for textbooks, but is also—given BJU Press’ proven well-rounded philosophy of education—the best choice. Please see the various elements of some of BJU Press’ academic programs.

a. Phonics
  • Patterns and word families
  • Context and comprehension
  • Listening and critical-thinking skills
b. Reading
  • Love of reading
  • Foundational phonics
  • Comprehension and analysis
c. Literature
  • Ideas and themes
  • Age-appropriate approach
  • Analysis and activities
d. Vocabulary
  • Word context
  • Achievable goals
e. World history
  • Narrative presentation
  • God’s purpose
  • Structured scope
f. Science
  • Emphasis on truth
  • Interactive learning
  • Parent support
g. Math
  • Engaging presentation
  • Comprehension and review
  • Relevant application

(Note: Parents may opt to use Singapore Math for its math curriculum.)

h. Bible
  • Scripture focus
  • Life applications
  • Challenging lessons
  • Your Guide to BJU Press

5. Personalized Learning Success Program

Each learner, from Grade 5 and above, will be given a learning styles assessment test that gives personalized assessment results. This program is based on the LEARNING SUCCESS™ Program that helps parents customize the lessons to their children’s unique learning styles to make learning a more enjoyable experience.

6. Daily Video Lessons for BJU lessons

An amazing resource for parents, the BJU videos will serve as a second teacher as video lessons are provided for every lesson. The videos are engaging and thought-provoking, featuring fun characters and images. These videos can supplement the lessons to help learners further understand the subjects.

7. Exclusive access to the VCIS HomeStudy™ website

Each parent will be given access to the VCIS HomeStudy™ website. This will allow each parent to learn from and share their ideas with other parents who are part of the VCIS HomeStudy™ community. Aside from this, they will also get exclusive access to more Christian HomeStudy Program resources.

8. Academic, Sports, Expressive & Performing Arts programs and competitions

Parents may enroll their children in the various Excellence Track (ET) programs for their MAPEH subject. By engaging in an Excellence Track program of their choice, the learners not only get a chance to do what they love, but also get to practice, hone, and perfect their talents.
Each VCIS HomeStudy™ learner will be invited to participate in various programs and competitions. These extracurricular activities provide an avenue for involvement that is essential when applying to many local and international university scholarship programs. Also, by participating in these activities, learners still get to intermingle with their peers and practice their socialization skills even if they undergo learning in their homes.

9. Graduation Ceremony

Each learner will also be included in the elementary and high school graduation ceremony. Though they enjoy the benefits of being schooled at home, they will still be able to experience this important culminating event in their education, and partake in this celebration of the completion of their hard work, just like regular learners.

10. Parent Training

Parents will be invited to join the VCIS HomeStudy™ seminars/trainings for parents. In this way, they will be fully equipped with the effective tools and teaching techniques to educate their children. Parents who plan on teaching their children need not be daunted by this task because the parent trainings will instruct them about everything they need to know to competently manage their child’s education.