2 July 2016
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2 July 2016,

A common misconception about homeschooling among parents is that it limits the abilities of a child to socialize. Many picture a homeschooler stuck at home from morning to afternoon reading only homeschool materials and watching video lessons online. However, contrary to popular belief, homeschooling is not limited to staying at home. In fact, homeschoolers can attend fun homeschooling events or participate in activities and classes outside the home. As a parent, you must take an active role in teaching and inspiring your child that the world is still within reach even when he/she is homeschooled. To mold a social-minded child, here are some starters for socialization in homeschooling.

Find and make connections. Connect with other homeschool families within or near your area in person, online, or through homeschool institutions. Being part of a homeschool community enables you to both share and receive lessons, and keeps you and your child in the loop of families who go through the same experiences. Ask your close friends, relatives, or local church or check online to know and connect with homeschool communities locally and abroad.

Expose your child to extracurricular activities. Encourage your child to join clubs, classes, and groups based on his/her interest. Bible study groups, crafts, dance, music, sports, martial arts, and a lot of beginners’ workshops are good for starters. Since these require interaction with children within the same age group, your child will ease into socializing with other people outside the home.

Join community services. Volunteer your family to offer occasional services in your community. This way, your child can grow up with a lasting orientation on the importance of selfless service, generosity, and social responsibility.

The VCIS HomeStudy ™ Program is a Christian homeschool in Manila that cultivates socialization among homeschool families. It supports its homeschool parents by conducting activities where families can connect and share their experiences and strategies in homeschooling. Students and parents get together in fellowship in annual events such as Christmas parties, talent shows, and parenting seminars. Also, VCIS HSP has extracurricular programs held on Saturdays at VCIS where students mingle with their peers and find opportunities for a real classroom experience.

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