4 November 2016
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4 November 2016,

The practice of setting goals gives people the ability to select smart plans or projects that they want to undertake now and in the future. Goal-setting is all about magnifying your vision to clearly see all the things you need to work on along the way. Parents need to teach their children, especially those homeschooled, how to set goals at an early age. This life skill will be helpful as they grow up and give them a meaningful learning experience even at home.

How to set goals

  • Write them down. Teach your child the habit of writing down his/her thoughts in a  journal or on a wall board. This will serve as a visual reminder of what goes in their heads. Whenever they write their goals, they get themselves into shape and keep themselves in action.
  • Be specific. Writing goals might become a rut along the way if your child will not  learn how to be specific with what he/she wants to achieve. Teach your child how to include as many details as he/she can. As the famous goal setting standards suggest, develop your child to be smart in setting goals: think of specific goals with measurable and attainable criteria to see realistic and tangible results.
  • Involve the family. Be informed about your child’s goals to keep yourself accountable with his/her achievements and the challenges he/she faces. Take part in what your child plans to attain. It may be during his/her prayer time or Bible study, personal and social plans, household chores, and more. Parents are to be good models and show the way to being consistent and committed in every goal set.
  • Pray about the goals. God desires success for everyone, including your child. Nurture within your child an attitude of seeking direction from God. Proverbs 3:5 says,“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” Purposeful living and living to glorify God will inspire your child to find the best way to approach his/her daily tasks.

The advantage of homeschooling is the flexibility of time, and when done well, it can accomplish further learning and personal development for your child. Freedom becomes beneficial to your family upon having good personal management skills and management benefits from setting goals.

Find also a homeschool institution that will help your child to become more goal-oriented.

The VCIS HomeStudy™ is a Christian homeschool in Manila that offers students a unique form of instruction anchored on Biblical principles, fosters a love for learning, and involves both parents and the school. It uses Bob Jones University (BJU) Press books which are useful resources to train students towards independent reading and learning.

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