4 November 2016
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4 November 2016,

Homeschooling might be tough for parents who are both working. If you both work and homeschool, you need to find the equilibrium to sustain your living and your children’s education. Take it from some parents who have stroke a balance between having a day job and teaching their kids when they get home.

  • Manage your daily schedule. Know the hours you have, be flexible enough to plan ahead, and be open to changes as they come. Set up buffers of time for work, homeschooling, play, family roles, marriage, and personal needs. To save time, say “no” to low value activities.
  • Work from home. Work from home if it is agreeable for you and your employer. Some employers care more about the results or tasks completed by the worker than being physically at the workplace.
  • Do freelance or set up a home-based business. Since many employees dream about being their own boss, perhaps homeschooling can be the catalyst for you to get started. Write down your skills, check the Internet for jobs looking for what you have to offer, and do freelance work. If your savings permit, put up a small business where you can strike a balance between your passion, earning, and child’s education.
  • Involve your family. Don’t just aim to teach your children independence–teach your entire family to be interdependent. Instead of doing all the work yourself, ask your family to contribute by giving them some household load or simple tasks (e.g., printing materials or cleaning up the study room). You can also approach families who homeschool their children so you can receive “tried and tested” advice and have accessible people to ask when you encounter an obstacle.

Given enough thought, problems and worries can put you in a position of advantage. If others can do it, you can also do it. Pray about your options and dedicate your family to God and see how He will work in you. Be encouraged and,“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6).

You will also need a partner institution who will support and understand the considerable time you need for work and homeschooling.

VCIS HomeStudy™ is a Christian homeschool in Manila with a Bible-based program that offers user-friendly educational resources which help parents to plan learning time with their children effectively while aligning priorities and values in the family. Also, it extends support to parents through online communities and regular events held with other homeschool families.

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