7 September 2016
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7 September 2016,

Over the past years, the significant influence over a child’s learning and life is said to have shifted from the grip of parents to the staff of trained educators in school. But homeschooling, in many ways and reasons, returns this charge to the parents at home. For some parents, homeschooling can be a challenging setup, especially with the pressure and expectations of taking the dual role as a parent and teacher. For others who want to nurture a healthy, value-laden, and stronger lifelong relationships with their child, it is a God-given way. Below are some reasons how homeschooling can help breed and grow your desired family connection that will last for generations.

  • Spending quality learning time. Homeschooling strengthens the parent-child interaction when families do activities and achieve common goals together. Homeschooled children spend more time with their family and get to share the best hours of the day while integrating real life lessons, whether they are at home or taken outdoors.
  • Raising self-assured kids. Homeschooling enables parents to help their children develop to their full potential and grow as confident and positive individuals. As parents become more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their children at home, they can adjust to various teaching and life coaching styles that are appropriate to the holistic needs of their children.
  • Opening communication channels. Homeschooling builds up the communication lines between parents and children. The hours spent in talking to each other or learning together are converted to deeper connections as friends, academic partners, and more. As a result, homeschooled children become more trusting and open to their parents’ thoughts, values, and examples.
  • Establishing firm values and beliefs. Homeschooling sets an environment where parents have the privilege to compass a “right path” to their children with their beliefs, values, and experiences. They are the first influencers above anyone or anything that their children will encounter in the world. Thus, they should remember their God-given authority and use it positively to bring their children to life’s success. As the wise King Solomon once wrote in the book of Proverbs, “[Parents,] direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.”  

To nurture a parent-child bond may require some inspirations from communities who focus on the same goal of refining family relationships. The VCIS HomeStudy Program is a Christian Homeschool in Manila that sees through the same lens with you. It involves both parents and the school in the education of children, ensuring that parents get the support, guidance and supervision of the school through seminars and trainings while providing learners a customized educational experience at home.

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