Social Studies

Love for God must translate to love of country and its people.  Our Elementary curriculum focuses on the importance of national identity, pride, and unity, as well as loyalty.  Specific themes are discussed in the areas of Filipino culture, customs and traditions, work ethics, Philippine geography, history and government, and the rights and duties of citizens.  Fresh ideas, diverse learning strategies, and challenging activities will hold the children’s interest and help them enjoy the learning process. Furthermore, it is our objective and hope that as they discover more about our country, the students will develop a strong sense of servant leadership.

Rather than simply teaching names and dates, our High School curriculum is presented with a Biblical perspective and uses a narrative approach, including fascinating details about notable people, places, and events.  Students develop comprehensive skills through higher-level discussion questions, timelines, maps, web research, and other activities.  Events are presented with clarity and accuracy, allowing the students to see God’s overarching purpose and His hand at work.

HELE – Home Economics and Livelihood Education (Grade School 4 – 6)

TLE – Technology and Livelihood Education (High School)

The family is the essential foundation of a healthy community and nation. As family members, children need to acquire important scientific and technical knowledge to help them become responsible and productive contributors to the strengthening of the family unit.

Our HELE curriculum provides new trends in the formation of goals, concepts, and principles necessary for the improvement of harmonious family living, basic agriculture, fruitful living, and personal characteristics.

The TLE high school curriculum focuses on the development of the students’ knowledge of digital arts, information technology, and the latest trends in these areas. Improvement of the use of productivity tools in the different areas of the students’ personal lives; principles of and techniques in photography as an art form; website development, design, and maintenance; and techniques and fundamentals of programming and solutions to procedural programming problems are the subject matters that will be addressed in our TLE curriculum.


Children are given by God special skills, gifts, talents, interests, and potentials in the areas of Music, Art, Physical Education and Health. Our curriculum allows the children to discover and develop these blessings so that we may assist them in honing their talents and skills; and enable them to reach their full potentials and fulfill their life purposes.  The integration of important Christian values in the lessons helps build the right character and attitude in the students as they use their God-given gifts in serving others.


Ang aming handog sa Wika at Pagbasa ng Filipino (Elementarya) ay nagpapalawak ng kaalaman at kasanayan sa Filipino. Iba’t iba ang paraan sa paglalahad ng mga kwento sa bawat aralin upang makawilihan ito ng mga mag-aaral.  Habang kinagigiliwan ng mga mag-aaral ang pagbasa ng mga kwento, matuturuan din sila ng magaganda at mahahalagang aral na makakatulong sa kanilang araw-araw na pamumuhay.

Sa Secondarya, matutuwa at kagigiliwan ng mga mag-aaral ang paglahad ng mga akdang “Si Don Juan at ang Ibong Adarna,”  “Florante at Laura,”  “Noli Me Tangere,” at ”El Filibusterismo” sa wikang Filipino at wikang Ingles.  Habang tinatalakay ang mga akdang ito, matuturuan din silang iugnay ang mga tauhan at pangyayari sa panglipunang kamalayan at sa kani-kanilang sariling pamumuhay.