8 June 2016

Strategies on Developing Communication Skills at Home

8 June 2016,

The power of communication can be introduced through simple day-to-day conversations. Take advantage of your position and accessibility to train your child to express […]

31 May 2016

Transition to Homeschooling

31 May 2016,

So you decided to begin homeschooling your child. As a new homeschool parent, you can now take charge of your own child’s education and […]

12 May 2016

BJU Press: Viewing Academic Through the Lens of the Scripture

12 May 2016,

So you decided to homeschool your child. Ensuring that they are learning with a Christian worldview while being educated at home requires dedication, creativity, […]

28 April 2016

How to Raise a Learner at Home

28 April 2016,

Homeschooling your child means raising an independent learner at home. You have to take on the dual role of a parent and teacher with […]

1 April 2016

Raising and Praising your Children

1 April 2016,

Homeschooling children is a no easy task. It requires great love and dedication, and a constant hold to certain values you would like your […]