Follow these steps towards a great home study education for your child.

Step 1: Inquire

If you are interested to learn more about VCIS HomeStudy Program, contact or visit us.

(02) 775-5705 or (02) 584 6092
(+63) 917 813 2862
3/F Rodil Building, 326 Capt. Henry Javier Drive, Pasig City, Philippines

Step 2: Attend the orientation

We invite you to attend the parent orientation scheduled every first Wednesday of the month in our office. Please contact us to register for the orientation.

Note: If you are from the province or outside the country, you may choose to email us first for more information.

Step 3: Enroll

If you decide to proceed with your application, we will give you a set of forms to fill out and documents to complete. Submit all the required form and documents and place your order for the curriculum package on designated enrollment dates.

Note: Enrollment may only be processed after attending (or if abroad, viewing) the orientation. It is best that all your questions or concerns are addressed before you decide to enroll.

Step 4: Wait for the curriculum package

Your orders will be prepared after the full payment of the fees has been made. We will contact you regarding the availability of the ordered materials that may be picked up from our office. Upon receipt of our notification, please call us to set the pickup appointment.

Note: There is a waiting period of 60 to 90 days if the ordered materials are out of stock. No refund may be made after orders have been processed.

Step 5: Start the homestudy journey

When you receive the curriculum package, you are ready to start your child’s home study journey! We conduct sets of parents’ orientation to help and guide you in starting the home study program. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.

Admissions Requirements:

You may download the required admissions forms here:

Documents to be submitted

        • 3 pcs. 2”x 2” recent colored ID photos (with white background and full name printed on the back)
        • Original Report Card (F-138) or a DepEd Grade Placement Certificate
        • 1 Original Copy of NSO Certified Birth Certificate (with photocopy)
        • For Grade 1: Preparatory diploma (with photocopy)
        • For all High School levels: Elementary diploma (with photocopy)
        • 2 sets of each valid IDs of parents (with photocopy)
        • College diploma of at least one of the parents (with photocopy)
        • 2 valid IDs of guardian (if applicable)
        • Signed certificate of authorization or certificate of guardianship from parents (if applicable)

Additional Requirements for International Students

            • Passport w/ VISA Bio-page
            • Special Study Permit
            • Grade Placement (2nd Year High School Students)
            • Special Power of Attorney from parents for guardians (notarized)

Perks and Benefits of Joining the VCIS HomeStudy™Community

  • Exclusive access to the VCIS HomeStudy™ online community
  • Save time and effort by learning more HomeStudy™ teaching strategies and recommendations from other parents and professional practitioners
  • Be updated about the latest news and activities
  • Gain new friends and develop meaningful relationships amongst HomeStudy™ advocates
Enroll now and be a part of our HomeStudy™ Community!